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Robben Ford – Help The Poor [Episode 4]

Here we are learning how to play the guitar solo from Robben Ford’s track ‘Help The Poor’. Here is the 4th and final episode in our look at ‘Help The Poor’ by Robben Ford.

In this lesson we finish off the solo with more altered licks up the dusty end of the fretboard and also tackle some more important blues licks to add to our vocabulary.

There is a free backing track available on request and the free transcription is available in the media section.

The piece we are looking at is Robben Ford’s ‘Help The Poor’ from his 1988 seminal album ‘Talk To Your Daughter’.

For those of you looking to improve your technique, blues skills and blues vocabulary this is definitely worth looking at. Good luck, have fun and remember to let me know if you need any help by sending me a message on here or at

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