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Phrasing, Phrasing, Phrasing + Other Scofield Gold // The Red One – John Scofield Solo Part 1

This is a new series on learning how to play ‘The Red One’ by John Scofield + Pat Metheny.

Taken from their Blue Note album ‘I Can See Your House From Here’.

Lesson 2: John Scofield Solo Part 1

0:00 John Scofield Solo

0:43 Introduction

3:38 Bars 1 – 4

4:36 Articulation, Dorian Hexatonic Scale, Phrasing.

8:32 Bars 5 – 8

8:45 Phrasing, B Natural Minor, Arpeggios.

12:13 Bars 9 – 12

12:24 Crunchy Scofield Chords, Lateral E Mixolydian Scale, E Minor Pentatonic Scale

14:54 Bars 13 – 16

15:12 Double String Bends, Rakes, B Minor Pentatonic

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