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Making CHORD MELODY more INTERESTING // My Favorite Things – Kenny Burrell // Lesson 3

This is brand new series on the incredible ‘My Favorite Things’ by Kenny Burrell from his 1966 album ‘Soulero’.

I will be taking you through the entire piece! This week we look at the A section and how Kenny very expertly changes the original tune from 3/4 to 4/4.

0:00 A Section BARS 42 – 83

0:55 Introduction

2:40 BARS 42-49

2:51 E Natural Minor

4:23 BARS 50 – 57

4:32 Making Chord Melody more interesting

11:15 BARS 50 – 57

11:22 Using Chord Tones

14:56 BARS 66 – 83

15:20 E Harmonic Minor

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