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John Scofield // Hottentot // Lesson 5

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This is a NEW SERIES looking at how to play John Scofield’s super funky track ‘Hottentot’. TABS, SCALE SHEETS & BACKING TRACKS are on my Patreon page

The ES-335 is back!

This week we look at something called ‘Outside’ playing. 

No that is not taking your guitar into the garden and playing ‘Wonderwall’ as your neighbours cat adoringly looks on. This is actually where we play all of the ‘wrong notes’ in order to create more of a tension to then satisfyingly resolve in our solos. 

This is not a new concept. All music is full of tension and resolve. Otherwise it would be boring to listen to and without depth. Listen to ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’ by J.S Bach and listen to that crazy diminished chord that he builds up, and this was meant to be played in church! Or that huge build up at the end of ‘Day In The Life’ by The Beatles.

Life has plenty of tension and music is sometimes a reflection and/or expression of the struggles of life so it is fitting that music is filled with tension.

In jazz I would argue this tension is slightly more accentuated than say in Mr. Brightside or ‘Shake It Off’ but they both have their moments. ‘Shake It Off” stays on one chord for a heck of a long time, that is tense! 

In this lesson I help you to understand some of the more common tension devices and concepts in jazz and blues to use in your own playing.

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