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John Scofield // Hottentot // Lesson 3

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This is a NEW SERIES looking at how to play John Scofield’s super funky track ‘Hottentot’. TABS, SCALE SHEETS & BACKING TRACKS are on my Patreon page

Tough week for me finding the tone as my studs screw for my tailpiece on my ES-335 broke so I’ve recorded it on a Telecaster until it’s fixed. Sad Times.

This week we look at Timing displacement, superimposing the relative major, enclosure, hexatonic scales and AGGRESSION!!!

0:00 Solo Bars 17-32
0:42 Intro
3:03 Bars 17-20
3:17 Artificial Harmonics, Tritones and Enclosure
6:55 Chromatic Enclosure Example
7:56 Diatonic Enclosure Example
8:46 Bars 21-24
8:56 Agression!
9:34 Exchange Bend
11:10 Hexatonic Scales
12:18 Dorian-ish Hexatonic Scale?
13:13 Scale Runs In Solos. Good or Bad?
14:49 The Relative Major
16:58 Bars 25 – 28
17:10 Funky Rhythms and Trills
18:26 Octaves
19:55 Bars 29 – 32
20:43 Getting More out of Your Phrases
21:11 Timing Displacement

Full transcription and scale & chord packs are on my Patreon page for £3.00

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